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Student of the Month


Jolene McDaniel of the Accounting Operations class has been selected as April's Student of the Month for George Stone Technical College. Mrs. Gilmore states that Jolene has "such a positive attitude and is always eager to learn new concepts and skills." Jolene is a part-time student who is successfully juggling being the mother of two children, a wife, and a student. She is conscientious, hardworking and uses her time wisely. She readily helps classmates with their work when needed and is described as "a team player." Jolene serves as her program's advisory council member and does an excellent job of planning and organizing class activities, She often stays after class to make sure that everything is in order before leaving for the day. Mrs. Gilmore describes Jolene as a "great student" that she enjoys having her in the Accounting Operations Program. Congratulations Jolene McDaniel for being the kind of student that the faculty and staff recognize as Student of the Month.

                                                                                                                   Congratulations Jolene McDaniel!